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How to Prevent a Car Lock out Situation from Happening

The best way to avoid a car lock out is to take preventative measures.

Follow this advice from Towing Spring and you’ll avoid finding yourself locked out.

Behavioral Changes

The best way to avoid a car lock out situation is by making sure you have your key with you at all times. Simple behavioral changes like checking for the key before leaving the house / office / store and leaving it somewhere safe when you’re home can help. Basically, the more you do something, the more it becomes second nature.

Keep Your Key Safe

When you go out, make sure you pay attention to where you keep your car key. A keychain can be useful, while having a designated pocket to store your keys in is a good idea.

Keep A Spare Key Handy

Your spare key is the very best tool when it comes to preventing car lock outs. Leave your spare somewhere handy. Try a family member, neighbor or friend that lives nearby. Alternatively, leave it at securely hidden at work or in an inconspicuous hiding place somewhere in the garden. Don’t leave it under a doormat, in your wallet or somewhere in the car!

Regularly Check Your Locks and Keys

It’s worth giving your car locks, keys and transponder fobs a regular checkup. If any appear to be faulty in any way, a change is in order. Transponder keys in particular can be a nightmare if they malfunction, so inspect them regularly.

Call a Specialist

In the event that all of the above fails make sure you keep the number of a reliable locksmith or tow company in your phone. If you’re in or around Spring, Texas, Towing Spring can get you back in your vehicle quickly and without causing damage. We’re a local company offering reliable and professional roadside assistance throughout the region.

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